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What machine is for me Both of my machines are high quality professional grade products. They are both come with 10" hoses If you are looking for a super quiet machine for your spa I would recommend the HVLP machine. It is weighs more than the LVLP so it would be best for a situation where is stayed in one place. It has a 2 Year warrantee. If you are looking for a small portable unit I would reccomend the LVLP, it has a 4 yr warrantee and weighs less than 7 lbs. While it is louder than the HVLP is it still very quiet at only 65 dB. About our spray Tan guns: Both of our guns are high quality metal guns. While some company are going toward the plastic guns we fell that the durability of our guns justify the extra 8 oz of weight. They are also presurizes guns with the solution coming from the bottom of the gun. Many companys are moving toward the gravity fed gun (meaning the solution comes from the top of the gun) We tried these type of guns and have found that these type of guns tend to leak. All of our customers who we sent them out to test out for us sent them back! They are both fully adjustable to your style of spraying. You can spray fast or slow by adusting the amount of solution. You can spray verically, horizontally or both. You can also make it a pin point to body sculpt and fill in tan lines. While you don't have to use all the these options it is nice to know they are availble to you. HVLP-This is a non bleeder gun (meaning air only comes out when you pull the trigger) You can get only air by just slightly pulling the trigger. LVLP- This is a bleeder gun meaning the when the machine is running there is a constant flow of air.

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