1. Can I continue to tan in the sun if I am sprayed tan?
  2. Yes.  If the solution does not have a sun inhibitor, the spray tan will not change how your body absorbs ultraviolet light, from the sun shine, or tanning bed.  Don’t forget to tell your clients to continue to use sunscreen. 

  3. Can I spray just my face?
  4. Yes.  Most makeup contains a sun blocker and many people don't like to tan their faces in the sun.  Spray tanning your face is a great alternative.  

  5. Do I need to wait a while after I am sprayed to do certain things?
  6. Yes.  Wait as long as you can before you shower.  Ideally six to twelve hours, but I recommend the next day if possible.  Avoid any activities that will cause you perspire, and any liquid that could make the solution have streaks or marks, until after you shower.  A few of the liquids I tell clients to avoid are lotions, rain, snow, sprinklers, lotions, eye drops, dishes, etc….    

  7. How can I make my tan last longer?
  8. Exfoliate well and wax, or shave before you are sprayed.  Avoid extra exfoliation after your spray tan.  Chlorine from hot tubs, and swimming pools can also shorten the life of your spray tan.  The longer you can wait to shower after a spray tan, the longer it tends to last.  Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more.  However, I have had a few clients with natural oily skin, and regardless of the after care, their tans just didn't seem to last as long.

  9. How long will it take to be sprayed?
  10. With the Suddenly Tan Turbo Spray System you can spray in 5 - 7 minutes.  However, if you are just starting out it will take you a little extra time.  Practice, practice, practice.  Spray friends and family first to give you confidence and an accurate time line. You will be surprised how quickly you become very efficient.  I tend to tell clients to expect 30 minutes.  This gives me time for a consultation, and gives them time to change out of, and into their clothes.  It also gives me time to clean and prep between clients, and gives you a little wiggle room when they bring an unscheduled friend.  

  11. How long will my tan last?
  12. On average, it tends to last seven to ten days.  Some clients can get longer, and some not quite as long.  Every client is different.

  13. My legs won't tan in the sun or the tanning beds, Will this work?
  14. Absolutely.  The legs and face are the first thing people notice after you've been sprayed tan.   They just seem to have an extra glow.

  15. What about allergies?
  16. If you have a known allergy to self-tanners, or tanning lotions with bronzers, DHA, or any of the other ingredients, you may have a reaction to the solution.  If you unsure about sensitivities, you should do a small test patch 24 hours prior to spray.

  17. What about my hair and clothes? Will it stain?
  18. It will color your hair, but it washes out when you shower.  I tell clients that the spry may not come out of their clothing.  Most often it will, but I prefer to err on the safe side.  The clothes you put back on, may get some color on them, but it is the cosmetic color and usually washes out easily, sort of like foundation or bronzer.  Some fabrics that are more likely to stain are wool, silk, and nylon.  If your clients want to wear something to be sprayed in, just remind them to wear something dark to prevent seeing the spray on their clothes in case some does rub off.  I also remind my clients to put a towel on their pillow, or use dark sheets on their bed.  Once you have showered this is no longer a concern.

  19. What happens if I stop spraying?
  20. Nothing.  The tan that you get from spraying is similar to a real tan, and will gradually fade out.  

  21. What is the difference between the air brushed tan and the Suddenly Tan Turbo Spray on System?
  22. Our system will leave your work area cleaner, applies more smoothly, thus will fade out more evenly.  Suddenly Tan spray system is faster, uses far less solution and eliminates drying time.  And did I mention it is EASIER?

  23. What should I wear to be sprayed in.
  24. Please wear what makes you comfortable.  Remember to tell clients, a technician will be spraying on the solution and you will both want to be comfortable.  I ask my clients to think about upcoming events.  Will they  be in a wedding, or wearing a formal, where they would not like to see any tan lines?  A strapless bra usually works well for this.  I also ask my clients to wear loose fitting clothes until after they have showered.  Wearing a bra, swimming suit, undergarments, tight fitting shoes, or purses after a spray could potentially rub a line onto your new tan.  However, once you have showered, this is no longer an issue.

  25. When will I notice results?
  26. Immediately!  The solution has a cosmetic color giving you the ability to insure an even application, and giving your clientinstant gratification.  When your client showers for the first time after their spray tan, they will see the same cosmetic color coming off.  Remind your clients the tan will still be there, regardless of the color they see running down the drain.  

  27. Will I have any protection from sun burns?
  28. No.  The spray on tan might fool you into thinking you have a tan but beware of the sun.  Always remind your clients to wear sun screen.  After all, one of the benefits of a Suddenly Tan™ is avoiding harsh damaging rays. 

  29. Will I turn orange or be streaked?
  30. No.  The addition eurothulose in our solution, does not turn you orange and with the Suddenly Tan Turbo Spray System™, the application will be smooth, even and completely dry. 

  31. Will the spray solution look good on my skin color?
  32. PERHAPS!" (Just kidding.)Your tan will be awesome and uniquely you.   It looks great on all complexions but we especially love to spray on very fair or red head complexions.   it's just that most very fair complexions have never experienced a tan before. and it is beautiful.

  33. What machine is for me?
  34. Both of my machines are high quality, professional products. They both come with a ten foot flexible hose. The HVLP is incredibly quiet, and a great machine for a spa or any salon with minimal room.  It is a bit heavier, and more for a stationary location, but can be easily transported, if you prefer.  The HVLP machine has a two year warrantee. If you are looking for a smaller, more portable unit I would recommend the LVLP, it has a four year warrantee and weighs less than 7 lbs. While it is not as quiet as the HVLP, it is still appropriate for most salon settings.